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Airline Taxes & Fees

Taxes and fees

The following explains the taxes and fees that apply to airline ticket purchases. Please read carefully.

For SkyAuction auctions for airline tickets: Government imposed taxes and fees and the SkyAuction and/or airline imposed fees set forth below are not included in your offer price with the exception of the the 7.5% domestic excise tax; however, all taxes and fees are disclosed prior to purchase. See below for more details.

Government Imposed Taxes and Fees:

September 11th Security Fee: A September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 USD applies per flight segment (maximum charge per trip — $5.00 USD one-way, $10.00 USD round-trip). A flight segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.

Passenger Facility Charges: Passenger Facility Charges of up to $18.00 USD may apply depending upon the itinerary chosen.

Travel Facilities Tax: A Travel Facilities Tax of up to $16.00 USD per round-trip for domestic flights beginning or ending in Alaska or Hawaii may apply depending upon the itinerary chosen.

Federal Domestic Flight Segment Fee: A federal domestic flight segment fee of $3.70 USD applies per flight segment. A flight segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.

U.S. International Departure Tax: A U.S. International Departure tax of $16.10 per departure applies to each international ticket.

U.S. International Arrival Tax: International arrivals are assessed the following taxes - US International Arrival tax of $16.10, US Customs fee of $5.50, Immigration (INS) fee of $7.00 and Animal and Plant Health Inspection fee (APHIS) of $5.00.

International Taxes: International travel incurs additional international taxes, the amounts of which can vary dramatically depending upon routing and destination.

SkyAuction and/or Airline Imposed Fees:

Paper Ticket Fees:A $25 USD shipping and handling fee will be charged if your itinerary requires the issuance of paper tickets. If your tickets are rerouted or are undeliverable and are returned, there will be an additional $25 USD re-handling fee.

Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: Itinerary changes, if permitted for the fare (most airline tickets issued are non-changeable and non-cancelable), will have a $50 service fee charged by SkyAuction and may have an additional change fee charged by the airline ranging from $100 to $300 USD that will vary by market, carrier and specific fare rule.

Baggage Fees: The airlines may require you to pay additional fees at the airport if you exceed certain limits as dictated by the airline, such as the number of bags or weight allowed, and some airlines do not offer a free baggage allowance.

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