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Purchase $100 Gift Certificates to Cornelia Street Cafe in New York City!


Purchase $100 Gift Certificates to Cornelia Street Cafe in New York City!

In May 1977 three artists stumbled across a tiny storefront in the heart of Greenwich Village and thought it the perfect place to open a café. For two months they scraped and sanded, plumbed and plastered, and did the intricate dance one does with the authorities who live beyond the Village, and on the weekend of July 4, 1977, perpetually 201 years behind the US, they opened the Cornelia Street Café.

The Cornelia Street Café is owned and operated by founder Robin Hirsch, Angelo Verga, and chef Dan Latham. It is open seven days a week, serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch.

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Cornelia Street Cafe

Cornelia Street Cafe
Cornelia Street Cafe

29 Cornelia St
New York, NY 10114

Cornelia Street Cafe $100 Certificate

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