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Home to more than half of the world, Asia hosts a number of remarkable must-see travel destinations. From the beachside bungalows of Southeast Asia to the technological mega-cities of the East, we offer you a vast selection of affordable travel to Asia.


Get to know China. Get to know 3,000 years of civilized culture. Get to know an important force of the future. Whether you choose a guided tour, a cruise down the Yangtze, or an exploration of the Great Wall, a trip to China will open your eyes to what was and what will be.

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The Americas are finally catching on to what European and Asian tourists have known for considerable time: Thailand is a must see for adventurous travelers. The Thai people are warm, welcoming, and have a superb tradition of hospitality. And it doesn┐t hurt that your western currency will let you travel in four-star luxury for below two-star prices.

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This largest archipelago in the world boasts 17,000 islands, of which roughly one-third are inhabited. In Indonesia, you will be intoxicated by the clear blue seas and pristine beaches, as well as the gentle breezes carrying the scents of flowers and spices. Bali is surely paradise, offering glorious sunsets, beautiful scenery and warm, friendly, sarong-clad people.

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Tour Packages and flights to explore this 5000-year-old culture. Expect the unexpected in this hectic and exciting country. Hear the over 200 languages of the country, taste the intricate spices, and visit sacred sites. It┐s yours to discover- namaste!

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Discover the land where East meets West and past meets future. Japan is a great, confusing, and fully fascinating place to visit.

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Rest of Asia

Find discount trips to locations throughout South and Southeast Asia. Fly to Manila, tour Vietnam, relax by a Singapore beach, and many more exciting offers to experience Asia.

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