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Auction Item Description

Bid Per $50 Certificate & Choose Your Desired Quantity Valid for Lodging at Iron Springs Resort in Copalis Beach, Washington!

This auction has ended without any winners.

Unfortunately, this offer has ended. The offer ended: Saturday, September 16, 2017 4:00 PM

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Item Description

Item #: 2837993
This is a Bid Per Certificate Auction. Bid for the price you are willing to pay for a single certificate. When you win, you may request up to 4 certificates at your winning price. For example, if you win this auction for $10, then you can get up to 4 certificates for $10 each!

Bid Per $50 Certificate & Choose Your Desired Quantity Valid for Lodging at Iron Springs Resort in Copalis Beach, Washington!

Iron Spring Resort
3707 Highway 109
Copalis Beach, WA 98535

When you visit Iron Springs these days, it’s hard to believe that it’s been in operation since the 1940’s. What was once a small 8 cabin, one lodge vacation property on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, grew into something special under the dedicated ownership of Olive Little. As the resort became more popular and families brought their kids and grandkids, Olive kept expanding, carefully considering the placement and orientation of each cabin to take the utmost advantage of views while providing a sense of seclusion. At the time of Olive’s passing almost 60 years later, the resort had grown in number of cabins and endless memories of friends and families, getaways and reunions, bonfires and clam digs were made. For several years the resort was in decline until purchased in early 2010 by new owners. An extensive restoration the following summer brought the property and cabins back to their original charm while adding some thoughtful updates. Whether it’s your first visit or your fourteenth family reunion (including the dogs), we hope you feel welcomed here at Iron Springs.


Enjoy our completely renovated cabins including:

  • New kitchens, now with dishwashers
  • Renovated and enlarged bathrooms
  • New furniture throughout each cabin
  • Restored fireplaces or wood burning stoves
  • Flat screen satellite tvs with dvd players
  • BoseSoundlinkColor in every cabin
  • Barbeques and new decks
  • New windows, siding and insulation
  • Outdoor water spigots and hoses for washing sand off your dog

Take advantage of the amentities the resort has to offer including:

  • Wi-Fi throughout the resort
  • General Store stocked with everything you need to enjoy your stay
  • Clamming and Fishing Licenses for sale in the General Store
  • Clam Cleaning Station and Fire Pit located near the beach
  • Private beach access points with miles of beach
  • Natural landscaping with native plants
  • All new infastructure including electrical and water systems
  • Restored hiking trails


For More Information on Iron Springs Resort Click Here

Bid price is per certificate.

Iron Springs Resort

Iron Springs Resort
3707 Highway 109
Copalis Beach, Washington 98535

Iron Springs Resort $50 Certificate - Expires 9/30/2017

  •  Trade scrip is valid only with advance reservations and is subject to availability. Parties making reservations must state that they are redeeming trade scrip at the time reservation is made or scrip will not be accepted. No trade scrip will be accepted for internet reservations. Room rates will be charged based on the published seasonal rack rates. Special offers or discounts do not apply, and this scrip cannot be combined with any other offer. RESERVATIONS MUST BE GUARANTEED WITH A CREDIT CARD DEPOSIT AT THE TIME OF BOOKING.
  • Original trade scrip must be presented at the time of check-in. No refund or credit from unused portion of this scrip will be given. Scrip may only be used once and will be retained by the reservation agent. If scrip is not presented at CHECK-IN, credit card will be billed for all charges.
  • Trade scrip is only valid for the purchasing of LODGING.
  • Credit card authorization will be processed AT THE TIME RESERVATION IS MADE. Sales or lodging taxes, gratuities, cleaning and pet fees must be paid with credit card AT THE TIME RESERVATION IS MADE. All other goods and services will be charged at THE TIME OF PURCHASE.
  • USE OF TRADE SCRIP CANNOT BE EXTENDED beyond the expiration date printed on the face hereof. Scrip is not replaceable if lost or stolen.
  • Trade scrip may be used for a maximum of three rooms per night, unless arrangements are made in advance with the reservation desk.
  • Trade scrip will be honored at all times except for U.S National holiday weekends, Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends, July 1-4, the Thanksgiving four-day holiday period, State of Washington/Easter school vaction periods, Friday and Saturday nights during July and August and December 16- December 31, 2016.
Resale of these items is strictly forbidden either privately or through any other website. The issuer reserves the right to deny acceptance without recourse of any items deemed to have been obtained in a manner contrary to our terms of sale and any person found to engage in this practice will be refused the right to purchase further items of this type.
Other Details

Validity Dates:
Anytime within the following date(s):
12/1/2016 thru 9/30/2017
Minimum/Maximum to claim:
1 to 4 certificates.
One Time Processing Fee: $20
Free Shipping.

Please note: The rank of bidders is listed by the best price, greatest quantity, date the item was bid on, and the time the bid was placed. Winning bidders will be displayed! All times are EST.

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