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Bid For $10 Certificates Valid at Le Peep Cafe in Mt. Prospect (Greater Chicago Area), Illinois!

Item #: 2840425
This is a Bid Per Certificate Auction. Bid for the price you are willing to pay for a single certificate. When you win, you may request up to 5 certificates at your winning price. For example, if you win this auction for $10, then you can get up to 5 certificates for $10 each!

Bid For $10 Certificates Valid at Le Peep Cafe in Mt. Prospect (Greater Chicago Area), Illinois!

Le Peep Restaurant in Mount Prospect, Illinois is recognized as the leader in the breakfast segment of the food service industry in Chicago. Le Peep Restaurant, with one restaurant in the greater Chicago area, is proud of our reputation of serving creative cuisine with award winning guest service.


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Bid price is per certificate.
Item Number 2840425
List Price: $10.00
Minimum Bid
Quantity Available
1 - 5
End Date
3:00 PM EDT
Item ends in:
The auction closing time will be extended by 3 minutes whenever a new bid is submitted within the last 3 minutes of the end of the auction, up to a maximum of 1 hour.

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Le Peep Cafe

LePeep Cafe

10 E. Northwest Hwy
Mount Prospect, IL 60056

Le Peep Cafe $10 Certificate

  • Tax and Gratuity must be paid in cash
Resale of these items is strictly forbidden either privately or through any other website. The issuer reserves the right to deny acceptance without recourse of any items deemed to have been obtained in a manner contrary to our terms of sale and any person found to engage in this practice will be refused the right to purchase further items of this type.
Options Available :
  • FedEx Standard Overnight (US Only) for $15
  • Free US Shipping (2-5 Business days)
  • FedEx 2Day Shipping (US Only) for $10

Other Details

Validity Dates:
Anytime within the following date(s):
Minimum/Maximum to claim:
1 to 5 certificates.
One Time Processing Fee: $10
Free Shipping.

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