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Unfortunately, this low price guaranteed offer has ended. The offer ended: Tuesday, November 24, 2020 8:00 PM

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The H Lyfe Method« - Purchase the RUN WITH IT PLAN or Apply the $399 Value to Another Plan of Your Choice!


The H Lyfe Method®

The H Lyfe Method® is a trademarked evaluation system and health promoting program that analyzes individual’s inherent traits, genetic indicators, ayurvedic categorization, current state of health and lifestyle to achieve weight loss and ideal health.  In this unique process, The H Lyfe Method® teaches individuals fascinating information about themselves that ultimately leads to life long health, weight management and a renewed sense of well being, confidence and self love. Through The H Lyfe Method® evaluation, we will create an amazing, individualized food and supportive lifestyle program that works with your own biochemistry and goals.

This offer is for the 1 year RUN WITH IT PLAN valued at $399.
• Bio-Individualized food plan for life long health and weight loss/management
• Access to premium H Lyfe Method® online learning tools, articles and videos-1 year
****The Run with it plan is perfect for those who are highly self-motivated and want an individualized plan with access to all tools but prefer to “run with it” without the personal coaching.
  • Your unique, bio-individualized identifiers, what they mean and a specific explanation on how they relate to your health
  • Your bio-individualized food plan of “best” “neutral” and “least beneficial foods”
  • Specific tips to improve digestion based on your bio-individualized identifiers
  • Shopping list of recommended foods for your body type 
  • Pocket guide of best and worst foods for your body type plus an "eat anywhere" guide 
  • Best exercises for your bio-individualized identifiers
  • Bio-Individualized sleep analyzation
  • Meal plan with specific recipes that match with your bio-individualized identifiers plus cooking tips
  • How to wean yourself off soda, sugar, pasta and bread 
  • Bio-Individualized supplement recommendations
  • 1 year access to the H Lyfe Method library of tips, articles, resources, advice, tools and self-study to motivate and inspire 
  • Option to add 1 on 1 coaching support 
Core Principles of The H Lyfe Method®

Everyone’s body is different and in turn, digests food differently. Depending on the results of your individual evaluation, we may recommend eliminating or adding certain foods. These core principles however are universal for all body types and create the foundation of each H Lyfe Method® plan:
  • Relationships, career, spirituality and physical movement contribute to your overall health as much as actual food
  • There is beauty in our differences -our own personal growth and progress should only be compared to where we were yesterday
  • Nutrient rich foods from nature give us the gift of clear, glowing, ageless skin
  • Organic is ideal
  • Trans fats, sugar and processed foods that convert to sugar should be limited or avoided
  • Even if your body type turns out as a “meat eating” type, it’s best to limit/reduce red meat. Any body type can adapt to a vegetarian or plant based diet.
  • Adequate sleep is a key to healthy digestion and overall healthody type can adapt to a vegetarian or plant based diet.
  • Factory farmed meat and poultry should be avoided
  • Genetically modified food should be avoided (See my blog on Why GMOs should be avoided)
Holly Harding, AADP, INHC is based on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii and has studied with the country’s top experts in holistic health and nutrition. A highly sought out holistic health and nutrition coach and food for beauty expert, she is well known for her mind/body transformation program, The H Lyfe Method®. Holly works with clients all over the world through The H Lyfe Method, her one on one coaching programs and through her speaking engagements, retreats and online classes.

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The H Lyfe Method

The H Lyfe Method

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