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Purchase $50 Certificates to Churrascaria Pampas Brazilian Grille in Las Vegas, Nevada!


Bid for $50 Certificates to Churrascaria Pampas Brazilian Grille in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Going back in time perhaps two centuries or so, the idea of spit roasted meats was not so much a leisurely evening out with the gang as much as it was about daily sustenance.  A fire pit glowing with coals and several large sticks or skewers laden with what ever the Gaucho could muster was the fare for the evening.  This scene was played out daily in the southern regions of Brazil generation after generation.  And as with all generational traditions, modifications and improvements come. 


Sitting on the ground was replaced with benches and tables, the pit fire gave way to a brick Rodizio and the meats became more refined and diverse as well.  The birth of the Churrascaria had come.  By its very nature the Churrascaria lends itself to gathering together and celebrating life!  What did not change was the simplicity of the Churrasco style; great food, camaraderie and plenty of both!  Today, as was two centuries ago, the evolution of the Churrascaria continues filled with the revelry of friends celebrating life and dining on the finest the market can offer.  Just as the Gauchos of the Brazilian pampas realized these many years ago, nothing is better than a celebration with great food, great friends and plenty of them both!

Price is per certificate.

Churrascaria Pampas Brazilian Grille

Churrascaria Pampas Brazilian Grille
Churrascaria Pampas Brazilian Grille
3663 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Churrascaria Pampas Brazilian Grille $50 Certificate - Expires 12/30/2019

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