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The Historic Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado!

Classic Guestroom

Item #: 3225937

Bid Per Room Per Night Stay
thru June 2020*

* Offer is NOT Valid for Stay During any of the Major Holidays

We are proud to be Durango, Colorado’s landmark hotel and community member. Inside our iconic building is the world’s largest collection of Victorian antique walnut furniture. We pride ourselves on honoring the past while providing the latest in amenities to our guests.  

Offer is based on single or double occupancy in a Classic Guestroom with 1 Full Size bed.

Each Classic Guestroom is uniquely decorated and furnished, as well as stylishly appointed with American Victorian antiques and modern conveniences. These delightful rooms may be a bit cozier in size but you will still comfortably experience the Old Victorian West and enjoy your Strater Experience.

Reservations subject to availability.

For more information about Strater Hotel in Durango, Colorado Click Here

Bid price is per room per night.
Item Number 3225937
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End Date
10:00 PM EST
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Hotels to choose from : (prices are per room per night)

Strater Hotel - Classic Guestroom with 1 Full Size bed 1 Guest


Strater Hotel - Classic Guestroom with 1 Full Size bed 2 Guests

Travel Details

Check-in Dates Allowed:
Anytime within the following date(s):
Now thru 7/1/2020
Check-out Dates Allowed:
Anytime within the following date(s):
Now thru 7/2/2020
Minimum/Maximum Stay:
1 to 7 nights.
First possible travel day is 5 day(s) after submission of travel preferences.
Taxes/Service Charges: $49 additional per room per night
One Time Processing Fee: $20

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