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5 Easy Steps to the Best Deals in Travel

  1. Browse our thousands of daily travel auctions and Buy Now offers to world-wide destinations.
  2. Register - It's FAST - FREE and SECURE!
  3. Bid on your dream package.
  4. Win the auction and submit your travel details. We book your trip, and reply with a confirmation.
  5. Go Away! to your travel destination. But first, gloat to all your friends about how you just won a great trip! Make sure to tell all the people on your plane, hotel, or cruise ship about how much less you paid for the same vacation.


"We just returned from our trip to Kenya through Skyauction and it was absolutely superb.  We have had many friends we have complete a similar trip through a travel agent and by far we ended up with the best trip ever, truely, we want to thank you and have already given your skyauction address to many friends." - Rick and Mary C., Vancouver, BC

Special Deals From SkyAuction

Welcome Booking Buddy members! has partnered with Booking Buddy to feature a special section of Buy Now and Auction travel deals just for you. 

Haven't Heard of Us Yet? is a fast-growing travel auction marketplace where you can "Bid On" or "Buy Now" airline tickets, room nights, tours, cruises and all-inclusive vacations. Since 1999 we've provided over half a million enthusiastic travelers a means to get more from their travel dollars than they ever thought possible!

How Do We Do It?

SkyAuction consists of travel veterans who leverage their combined 100+ years of travel industry know-how to negotiate unprecedented deals directly with leading airlines, hotels, resorts, and cruise lines. We bring members the brands you know and trust, offering the most amazing travel bargains out there.

How Do You Do It?

It's so simple! Follow our 5 Easy Steps to Bid, Win, & Go Away!

OK, What's the Catch?

Many customers new to our site see our low prices and immediately assume it's a scam. Most of our travel auctions open at $1 with no reserve, and SkyAuction does lose money on some offers (to our members benefit!). Are we crazy? Foolish? To us, it's worth the risk, as we set out to be the most exciting travel site on the web!

About Taxes & Surcharges:

Like all travel sites, port charges, departure taxes and the like can add up. While SkyAuction does apply these charges on our offers, we always openly disclose any and all fees and charges before you confirm your bid. No surprises — we promise! Do the math — Our final price will save you often hundereds of dollars compared to anything else you'll find on the net. We even guarantee it!

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