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Mexican Riviera Cruises

The Mexican Riviera has become one of the top cruise locations in the world.  A term that refers to the country's long stretch of Pacific coastline, the Mexican Riviera includes such popular destinations as Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas.  Here, vacationers get to experience stunning views of the ocean, pristine beaches and an electrifying nightlife. With tropical temperatures year-round, there is no bad time to cruise through this beautiful tourist spot.

Most of the Mexican Riviera cruises depart from Los Angeles or San Diego.  To find a cruise that best matches your vacation plans, head over to, where you can purchase Mexican Riviera cruises at a discounted price.  Whether you choose to place a bid in one of the travel auctions or buy the cruise through the "Buy it Now" feature, you'll get a great price on your next getaway. 

When you book your next Mexican Riviera cruise through, you will get the same, high-quality cruise that other travel sites sell, but you'll pay less money.  However, at saving money doesn't mean that you have to sacrifice quality.  You'll find only the very best accommodations and vacation packages when you shop here.

In addition, you'll know exactly what you are purchasing when you book your Mexican Riviera cruise at  Detailed information on the ports of call, the cruise ship and the accommodations are listed on the website, so you can make your travel plans with confidence.  There are never any hidden fees or other unpleasant surprises once you've purchased the trip.

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Mexican Riviera Cruise Offers:

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Item no: 3544287
Early Bird Special - 2025 Travel Dates
Available for purchase
End Date: 7/16 2:00 PM EDT
Check in Dates: 12/24/24 - 12/21/25
Min/Max Stay: 3 - 10 nights
Buy this for: $19 More information
Item no: 3544300
the new Jungle Hotel
Qty Available: 2
End Date: 7/18 5:00 PM EDT
Check in Dates: now - 12/30/24
Min/Max Stay: 1 - 10 nights
Buy this for: $50 More information