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From budget to luxury, Akron to Zanzibar, SkyAuction provides deals to travel where you want, the way you want. See better places, stay in better spaces with our flights, hotel nights, cruises, and more to locations all over the world. The world awaits you...

USA & Canada

This land is your land- check it out! From the Atlantic to the Pacific, North America contains a lifetime of travel destinations. We feature a huge selection of discounted flights, vacation rentals, hotels, cruises, and dining and entertainment vouchers to discover the United States and Canada.

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The Olde World beckons: 49 nations offering an array of cultural landscapes. See the cities, castles, and landmarks that hosted the historical events that shaped much of our world. We offer a range of options to get the most out of seeing Europe your way, from luxury to budget, one-way flights to all-inclusive tour packages.

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Whether you're looking for Margaritaville, an eco-adventure, or a chance to explore the ruins of ancient civilizations, an astonishing variety of vacation options await you in Mexico. We provide an abundant selection of Mexico vacation deals on flights, hotels, and all-inclusive travel packages to send you south of the border with some pesos still in your pockets.

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Caribbean & Bahamas

The world's leading warm weather playground features hundreds of picturesque island paradises. Coconut tree clad mountains, sandy white beaches, brilliant coral reefs, are the backdrop for the richly eclectic cultures that have arisen over the course of hundreds of years.

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Central America

If you love nature, adventure and the outdoors, it's all about Central America. Eco-tourism has found a large audience of travelers curious to see the world while maintaining sensitivity to their environmental and cultural impact. Let us send you to discover the mountains, jungles, rivers, and reefs of Central America.

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South America

From the world's longest mountain range, The Andes, to the extreme bio-diversity of the Amazon rainforest basin, there are many extraordinary wonders to see in South America. Discover this fascinating continent with flight deals, hotels, and tour packages throughout South America.

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Home to more than half of the world, Asia hosts a number of remarkable must-see travel destinations. From the beachside bungalows of Southeast Asia to the technological mega-cities of the East, we offer you a vast selection of affordable travel to Asia.

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Australia & South Pacific

White beached volcanic islands rising out of the blue Pacific Ocean lead to the remarkable but isolated continent of Australia. Magnificent atolls, world-class surfing, friendly people and exotic wildlife and fauna make Australia & the South Pacific worthy of their long journey.

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Africa & Middle East

The Middle East and Africa: destinations for the adventurous traveler looking for a rich and rewarding experience. Whether looking for the thrill of a Safari, or the exhilaration of interacting with a vastly diverse culture, the travel experience of a lifetime awaits you.

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