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Reward Cash from is happy to reward our loyal customers with a unique, high value shopping experience via our Rewards Cash Program.  We invite you to take a look at this incredible site loaded with value on thousands of items all within your reach simply by winning an auction or making a purchase where we have added a Rewards Cash component to the offer.

You may use your Rewards Cash for savings from participating merchants only by purchases made through Rewards Cash may only be used to pay for a portion of the total charges at each participating merchant.  The entire remaining balance of charges for any goods and services, including any related taxes, shipping charges and/or applicable fees, from a participating merchant must be charged at the time of transaction to a credit card.  Please refer to for the current pricing of goods and services and the amount of Rewards Cash that can be used to purchase them at participating merchants.  Upon confirmation and full payment, the amount of Rewards Cash you have used will be subtracted from your Program Account.

Rewards Cash is valid for use on movie tickets,  gift cards at major retail stores, car rental companies, and it is also valid on hundreds of pieces of merchandise ranging from jewelry to electronics.

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